St Brendans National School Bantry

April News

Swimming Classes at St Brendans NS Bantry

St. Brendan’s N.S  is looking forward to a busy Summer Term.

The children are enjoying Swimming Classes in the Maritime Hotel every Wednesday morning.

With each week that passes the school garden is blooming as the potatoes, onions, radishes and many more vegetables are taking hold.

Easter was celebrated at St. Brendan’s with Easter art that was displayed in the school windows and an easter egg hunt in school on the day of the holidays. 

Fostering a love of reading is encouraged in St. Brendan’s and the children walk to the library on Fridays to choose their favourite books. 

The children love to experience the atmosphere of Bantry Market on a Friday as they walk to the library. 

We are holding a Cash for Clobber fundraiser up until Friday May 17th. If you are having a clearout we would be delighted with any donations of unwanted or used clothes and shoes, textiles, towels, bed linen etc. The money raised in this Cash For Clobber fundraiser will go towards the creation of a new Sensory Room in the school. 

St. Brendan’s is also holding a Fun Day on Friday 20th of May. We are planning a Puppet show, a Magic Show, a Barbecue, Music and other activities. The event is open to all ages and the Puppet Show is a big hit with younger children. 

We look forward to welcoming people into our vibrant, small school in the middle of Bantry Town.  

If you are in Bantry on Friday 20th of May feel free to call in to the school to join in the fun and festivities.