St Brendans National School Bantry

January News 2024

St Brendan’s N.S has enjoyed a busy return to school in January.

With the coming of the New Year we have been delighted to welcome 4 new students into our school.

In the senior room the children have been learning all about the big cats of Africa and Asia.

This has been an exciting project for the children and they have learned much information about Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards and Lions. The lessons were led by Mr. Elgammal the English as an Additional Language Teacher at St. Brendan’s N.S.

All of the teachers were really impressed with the interest that the children showed in the lessons and the new vocabulary explored and learned by the children.

The children also enjoyed completing an “ All About Me” project where they enjoyed speaking to others about themselves and their interests. It is great to see the pictures and profiles of the children on the school wall each day.

The junior room children enjoy learning through play through the Aistear programme.

The theme for the Aistear recently was The Farm.  As part of the Aistear programme the children have learned all about farming and farm animals.  There have been some very happy and hard working farmers in the school during Aistear.

We are holding a Cash For Clobber clothes recycling day on Friday 23rd of February. Bags of clean clothes, textiles, shoes, curtains, bags and bed linen may be dropped to the school before the 23rd. No pillows or duvets please. 

This is a great fundraiser for our school and as always your support is greatly appreciated.

St. Brendan’s N.S enjoys taking part in the Picker Pals Programme each year. This allows the children to help the local community in Bantry by going out picking up litter in town. If you see a group of children with high visibility jackets on and with litter pickers around Bantry town in the weeks ahead it is likely to be the children of St. Brendan’s N.S.  We are lucky to be located so central in Bantry town and be able to help the community in this way.

As part of the Wellbeing Programme in school the children have been taking part in Yoga classes each week with Mr. Murphy. This has helped the children learn to focus, concentrate and relax. The senior room is testing their fitness each day as part of the Fit Squad challenge. This includes high intensity exercises and the children enjoy this daily fitness challenge. 

Our Open Day for new enrolments will take place on Friday 9th February from 11 to 12.30. Please call and see what our small school has to offer.